Thursday, 3rd April


Another first today!  I’m sharing a piece of work!!   I’ve been following lots of blogs recently, picking up crafty tips and inspiration (and a massive shopping list).  I’ve plucked up courage to add a few comments, started my own blog, obviously, and now I’m entering a challenge!!!  There’s some beautiful work already entered, so I’m not in it to win it but for another new experience.

So this is my entry for Hels Sheridan’s Sunday Stampers Browns challenge! 

 I used Crafters Workshop stencils and Indigo Blu stamps.

(When I learn how to wrap text and do clever things with this page, it’ll be better!)



Wednesday, 2nd April

Another first today:  I’ve started a blog!!  Now all I need is to find some content and a style.  Oh well, as Scarlett O’Hara would say, ‘I’ll think about that tomorrow!’